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Package Icoone CELLULITE

Complex of 6 procedure / 30min for eliminating cellulite

Package Icoone  CELLULITE

Anticellulite procedure
"Orange peel" is almost universal, but today it can be reduced with the help of procedures that affect the cause of its appearance

Cellulite does not spare even the thinnest, not even young girls — it is the most common problem, given that sooner or later nine women out of ten face it. Hate skin in the form of an orange peel is the result of a change in fat and connective tissue under the skin: if blood microcirculation is blocked, fluids and toxins stagnate, which worsens the metabolism of these tissues and leads to the appearance of nodules of fat cells enclosed in stiff collagen fibers, which are poorly supplied and gradually they become larger and more noticeable.

Types of cellulite

Thus, cellulite is a progressive phenomenon with four different stages of growth, which manifests itself in three different types:

  • there is edematous cellulitis, in which the problem is mainly in the stagnation of fluids, and the skin can become pale and cold;


  • fibrous cellulitis with firm and painful to the touch recesses and nodules;


  • fatty cellulite with hard nodules, in which the connective tissue is poorly supplied with blood and "doesn't breathe", local inflammation occurs and the skin looks like a mattress.


Cellulite remedies: effective and non-invasive procedures icons
What if , despite all efforts, "orange peel" appears? Solutions for reducing cellulite today exist, and icons — one of the best strategies for cellulite treatment, as it affects the cause of the defect. The technology underlying the method is the use of special nozzles with microstimulators that massage the skin, like thousands of miniature hands, performing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute: this is the so-called multi micro alveolar stimulation — an innovative and unique stimulation that allows you to mobilize each and subcutaneous tissue up to the deepest layers.

Scientific studies have shown that this micromassage gives macro results: blood flow increases and connective tissue fibers become more flexible, thus metabolism improves, fat tissue tension decreases, drainage and blood circulation improve, and with them the appearance and quality of the skin.

Icons nozzles, which are available in a wide range for the treatment of even the most delicate skin and the most difficult areas, can also be used with built-in sources of LED and laser radiation for use together or separately: laser cellulite treatment is another possibility, as it allows to strengthen the effect and effectively also affect the areas where the fat is the most solid and poorly amenable to diet and exercise

With the help of icoons, you can see already after one session: the results are visible immediately, thanks to the purposeful, natural, non-invasive effect, which gives harmonic forms and immediately improves well-being.



lista royalICOONE LASER — a non-operative alternative to liposuction! The result is already visible after the first laser procedure.

lista royalMore than 30 individual face and body care programs.

.lista royalMinus 5 cm in volume (waist, hips, back, arms) for several procedures (on average, it is recommended to make a course of 3-9 procedures depending on the indications).

lista royalSmooth skin — improvement of skin tone on the inner surface of the hands, thighs, abdomen.

.lista royalTightened skin — lifting and remodeling of body and face contour.

lista royalBody tightening after childbirth or severe weight loss

lista royalReduces scars and scars.

lista royalIt stimulates collagen production, which means it improves skin tone and quality and fights aging.

lista royalRemoves local fat deposits.


This package includes:

3 procedures for processing subcutaneous fat and fatty deposits

3 body modeling procedures


The device  ICOONE is combined two powerful technologies: laser exposure and MMAS technology. ММАС stands for multi-micro-alveolar stimulation, it is patented and used only in ICOONE LASER. On the nozzles of the device (they are called handles) there are two rollers with 132 alveoli (holes in which vacuum is created) on each. Thanks to them, it is possible to stimulate almost every cell of the skin at once. It's like if the masseur had 264 fingers on his hands instead of 10! Fantasy, right?!

How does it work?
ICOONE LASER has six nozzles in total. Одна двойбая – for working with two hands. There are small ones, thanks to which it is possible to influence the decollete area, the face and even the area around the eyes. Two lasers are built into the largest one: diode and LED. The wavelength of 915 nm penetrates deeply into fat tissue and splits fat cells - adipocytes. Their contents fall into the lymph and are removed during parallel lymph drainage. The LED laser has a wavelength of 650 nm. It stimulates collagen production, which means it improves skin tone and quality and fights aging. Neither device can do this.

Another advantage of ICOONE LASER – flexibility of settings. There are 36 programs in total in the device, which can be combined with each other and modified for a specific person. If the effect seems too intense, the doctor will easily adjust the settings. Pain should not be felt under any circumstances. At the same time, the vibrations in combination with the vacuum act sufficiently deeply and intensively, so that even a half-hour session is enough to achieve the result. This is important for those who are in a hurry.

Slim and toned body
Perhaps, no one will refuse to become a little slimmer, especially if it is connected with a significant increase in tissue elasticity and skin smoothness. The ICOONE LASER device with its drainage and silhouette modeling programs is intended for the solution of this task. From the point of view of cosmetology, the device opens up a whole range of solutions to problems that could not be solved so simply before: it is possible to reduce fat deposits and fight with irregularities, called cellulite,model the silhouette, improve skin tone in problem areas (for example, on the inner surface of the thighs or shoulders), treat inflammation, reduce scars and scars, increase skin turgor on the face, neck, décolleté and chest, put the body in order after childbirth for women, tighten the skin on the stomach of men who have lost weight as a result of their passion for sports. In addition, the device perfectly relaxes, stimulates blood circulation, activates restoration processes in the body. Many clients need five sessions to achieve impressive results!



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